1936 to 2011 - 75 years of The Players

"A meeting was held in the South Cerney Village Hall on October 22nd 1935 to consider the formation of a "Drama Group".
Attendees were:
Miss Brinsford, Miss Cripps, Mr. W Cripps, Miss S. Evans, Miss W. Fox, Miss M. Johnson, Miss G. Johnson, Mr. A. Parsons, Mrs. Smyth, Miss M. Wheeler, Miss G. Yeatman, Mrs. Peach."

The text above is from the inaugural meeting of the South Cerney Players. The scanned images are taken from the Minutes Book and are a little faded and suffering from someone's well intentioned attempts to keep the pages together with sellotape. Nonetheless, it is the earliest record located so far.

The inaugural meetings that led to the formation of the South Cerney Players were held on 22nd and 28th October 1935. The first stage production was on 21st February 1936. They were:-

“There’s many a slip”, “Their business in Great Waters” and “Have you anything to declare?”

An early recording of a South Cerney Players production/rehearsal in 1937 - "On Dartmoor"

2011 was the 75th anniversary of the first production by The South Cerney Players. My how time flies!

Acknowledging 75 years of the Players was an on-going event in 2011. One such event was held at The Village Hall on Saturday 2nd July 2011. A report published in the Standard is reproduced here.

The full list of performances and performers on July 2nd 2011 were:-

Part I
"A sketch" - Sue Poulton & Andy Beard;
"A Warm Welcome" - Ian Stuart;
"No Gossip" - Jane Skelton & Annette Vancil;
"I joined a dancing class" - Edna Golding;
"Flushed Grollings" - Mark Hobbs & Marcus Price

Part II
"Stand and Deliver" - Karen Purcell;
"Jake the Peg" - Ray Thilthorpe;
"Party Political Broadcast" - Pat Bookwood & Chris Pollard;
"Bona Tattoos" - David Hughes, Charles Kingsbury, Graham James;
"The Book Shop" - Sarah Peter & Heidi Price;
"Top of the Form" - David Croft, Darren Cawkwell, Peter Elphick, Mark Sweet, Karen Purcell, Annie Perry, Kate Ransom

Part III
"George, don't do that" - Angie Fenton;
"Kitty" - Jenny Jay;
"Ministry of Poetry" - Phil James;
"Class" - Jane Smith, Ali Crawford, Annette Vancil;
"Four Yorkshiremen" - Ian Stuart, David Hughes, Phil James, Darren Cawkwell;
"Seven Dwarfs" - David Croft, Tony Squire, John Poulton, Ray Thilthorpe, Mark Sweet, Bob Davis, Charles Kinsbury