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This page lists all "known" productions by the Players. If there are any details missing - programmes, photographs, etc., please let us know. We would love to borrow them to make our records more complete. We promise to look after them while on loan.

We are especially indebted to several ex-Players for the loan of material for incorporation in the website. In particular - Kath Beard, Tony Tipper, Sheelagh Hughes and others.

Clicking on a Production Link in the table below will take you to a page with more details relating to that production - if available. We are continually updating this page and the many sub-pages with more material as and when time allows.

 DatesProductionAuthor/s DirectorProducerCategory
25 - 28 Nov 2015Side Effects
Eric Chappell
Mark Hobbs
Mark Sweet
24 - 27 June 2015RumoursNeil Simon
Sarah Compton
Mark Sweet
26 - 29 Nov 2014
The Shoes and The Elf Maker
Laura Amy-Pitts
Laura Amy-Pitts
Mark Sweet
9 - 12 April 2014Darling Mr LondonAnthony Marriott & Bob GrantPhil JamesMark SweetFarce 
27 - 30 Nov 2013Season's GreetingsAlan AyckbournDavid HughesMark SweetComedy
15 - 18 May 2013FAHETGDS "Murder at Checkmate Manor"David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin JrPhil JamesMark SweetComedy
28 Nov - 1 Dec 2012Frankenstein the PantoDavid SwanZoe Markham-LeeMark SweetPanto
14 - 17 Mar 2012Blithe SpiritNoel CowardHeidi PriceMark SweetFarce 
30 Mar - 2 Apr 2011Party PieceRichard HarrisDavid HughesMark SweetComedy 
24 - 27 Nov 2010"The Return of Robin Hood"Jane Coope Jane Coope Mark Sweet Panto 
22 Apr - 24 Apr 2010"The Odd Couple" (Female version)Neil SimonPhil JamesMark SweetComedy
26 - 28 Nov 2009"An Evening of Music & Mirth"  "Gosforth's Fete" out of "Confusions"
"Trial by Jury"
Alan Ayckbourn
Gilbert & Sullivan
Ian Stuart
Christabel Johnson - Musical Dir
David Hughes - Stage Dir
Mark Sweet
Comedy /
27 June 2009VE Murder Mystery Evening
Jane Coope
Murder Mystery!
29 April - 2 May 2009"Run for your WifeRay Cooney David Hughes Mark Sweet Farce 
26 - 29 Nov 2008"Cinders - a very traditional pantoJane Coope Jane CoopeAlison CrawfordPanto 
24 - 26 April 2008"They Came from Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in time for the Townswomen's Guild's Coffee Morning"David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin JrDavid HughesAlison Crawford Comedy 
26 - 28 Apr 2007
"Last Tango at Little Grimley" /
"Last Panto at Little Grimley" 
David Tristram
Guy Rogers /
Natalie Rogers
Alison Crawford Comedies
29 Nov - 2 Dec 2006"Old King Cole"Pamela WalshPamela Walsh Panto
18 - 20 May 2006"There Goes The Bride"Ray Cooney & John ChapmanDavid HughesAlison CrawfordFarce 
23-26 Nov 2005"Out Of Sight, Out Of Murder"Fred CarmichaelChloe JacquetAlison CrawfordComedy/Thriller
28-30 April 2005"House Guest"Francis Durbridge Chloe JacquetAlison CrawfordThriller 
24-27 Nov 2004"Jack And The Beanstalk"PH Adams & Conrad Carter (Ad Pam Walsh)Pamela WalshAlison CrawfordPanto 
 13-15 May 2004"Flying Feathers"Derek BenfieldAlison CrawfordAlison CrawfordComedy 
 26-29 Nov 2003"Nasty Things Murders" /
"None The Wiser"
Arthur Lovegrove /
Anthony Booth
Phil JamesAlison CrawfordComedy 
 8-10 May 2003"Key For Two"John Chapman & Dave FreemanDavid HughesAlison CrawfordComedy 
 27-30 Nov 2002"Peter Pan"Based on adaptation by Pamela Moren-BrownKaren Purcell / Phil JamesAlison CrawfordPanto 
 25-26 April 2002"The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Production of 'Macbeth'  " David Mc Gillivray & Walter Zerlin JrDavid HughesAlison CrawfordComedy 
 10-12 May 2001"Captain Blackboot And The Wallamagrumba" /
"Dress Rehearsal"

Patricia Wood /
Verity Gardiner with
Linda Selleck /
Phil James
 Play for children
 Winter 2000"Wizard of Oz"??Keith GuppyAlison CrawfordPanto 
12-13 May 2000 "Variety 2000"Various
Alison Crawford Variety
25-27 Nov 1999"It Runs In The Family"Ray CooneyDavid HughesAlison CrawfordFarce
14-16 Jan 1999"Robin Hood"Tony RobinsonKeith GuppyAlison CrawfordPanto 
14-16 May 1998"Out Of Order"Ray CooneyDavid HughesAlison CrawfordFarce
27-29 Nov 1997 "Captain Blackboot's Island"Patricia WoodLinda SelleckAlison CrawfordPanto/Play for children
23-26 April 1997"There's A Ghost In The Basement m'Lord" Allan MacKayAlison Crawford / Linda Selleck  Variety 
  "Anyone For Drama"Douglas Jackson    
 "Code Of The West"??   
27-30 Nov 1996"Cinderella"??Anne CroftAlison CrawfordPanto
18-20 April 1996"Gaslight"Patrick HamiltonKaren PurcellAlison CrawfordDrama
1-2 Dec 1995"Party Pieces"Various  Review
13 May 1995VE Day - 50 Years Commemoration  Community Event Review
27-29 April 1995"The Late Mrs Early"Norman RobbinsKaren Purcell Comedy
16-19 Nov 1994"Goldilocks and The Three Bears"?? David Hughes/Anne Croft Anne CroftPanto 
12-14 May 1994Ira Levin's "Deathtrap" Ira LevinTim Richards Thriller 
 8-11 April 1992"How The Other Half Loves"Alan AyckbournTim RichardsAlison Crawford /
Marilyn Tasker
27-30 Nov 1991"Snow White And The Seven DwarfsBill FletcherAnne CroftAnne Croft Panto 
24-27 April 1991"Deadly Nightcap"Francis DurbridgeDavid HughesKaren PurcellThriller 
1 December 1990"Christmas Incorporated" /
"Crimson Coconut"
Peter Horsler /
Ian Hay
David HughesDavid HughesTwo One Act Plays 
25-27 April 1990"Local Affairs"Richard HarrisDavid HughesAnne CroftComedy 
22-25 Nov 1989"Dick Whittington"Bill FletcherAnne CroftAnne CroftPanto 
26-29 April 1989"Tomb With A View"Norman RobbinsDouglas Troupe
30 Nov - 3 Dec 1988"My Three Angels"Sam & Bella SpewackJoy PeerlessJoy PeerlessDrama
28-30 April 1988"No Time For Fig Leaves"Duncan Greenwood & Robert King Joy PeerlessJoy PeerlessComedy 
26-28 Nov 1987"When We Are Married"JB PriestleyJoy PeerlessJoy PeerlessComedy 
11-13 June 1987Cerney FolliesVarious  Review 
12-14 March 1987"The Happy Marriage"John ClementsRay ThompsonRay ThompsonComedy 
13-15 Nov 1986"The Ghost Train"Arnold RidleyGraham KeelerGraham KeelerThriller 
Summer 1986Summer Time ReviewVarious   Review 
13-15 March 1986"Friends And Neighbours"Austin SteeleRay ThompsonRay ThompsonComedy 
27-30 Nov 1985"Christmas Carol"Graham Keeler & Bill Fletcher
Graham KeelerGraham Keeler Panto
27-30 Feb 1985"Spider's Web"Agatha ChristieRay ThompsonRay Thompson
31 Oct - 3 Nov 1984"Ten Times Table"Alan AyckbournGraham KeelerGraham KeelerComedy
16,18,19 May 1984"Black Comedy"Peter ShafferGraham KeelerGraham KeelerComedy
13-14 May 1983"The Camel's Back"Arnold HalsbyThelma Mair
24-26 Feb 1983"Aladdin"Ronald Parr (+Bill Fletcher/Paul ?)Thelma MairThelma MairPanto 
14-16 Oct 1982Olde Tyme Music Hall EveningVarious Bill FletcherVariety 
24-27 Feb 1982"Pied Piper Of Hamelin"Bill  FletcherGraham Keller Panto 
31 Oct - 1 Nov 1981"A Breath Of Spring" Thelma Mair   
25-28 Feb 1981"Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves"Commercial (+Bill Fletcher)Graham KeelerB FranklinPanro
31 Oct - 1 Nov 1980"Suddenly At Home"Francis DurbridgeThelma Mair
27 Feb - 1 Mar 1980"Derek The Dragon"
Graham Keeler
6-9 Dec 1978"Tattercoats"??Graham KeelerGraham Keeler
2-3 June 1978"The House On The Cliff"??Mrs B FletcherMrs B Fletcher
18-19 Nov 1977"Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs"Bill Fletcher  Panto
19 - 20 Nov 1976"When We Are Married"J B Priestley Stanley WoodwardComedy 
10 Apr 1976 "Haul For The Shore" Jean McConnell  Stanley WoodwardComedy 
3 - 4 Dec 1971"Mist Over The Mistletoe"Dan Sutherland  Veda RundleVeda Rundle Comedy
8-9 Jan 1971"Pickle In Paradise"Sam Bate Madeline TeedFarce
31 Oct - 1 Nov 1969"Who Lies There"Philip Johnson
Madeline TeedPlay
3-4 Nov 1967"A Murder Has Been Arranged"Emlyn Williams
Mrs YappGhost Story
18-19 Nov 1966"Love In A Mist" Kenneth Horne 
Mr Brown Comedy 
30-31 Oct 1959"The Poltergeist"     
20-21 Feb 1959"Love In A Mist"Kenneth Horne Mrs Fenton 
?? Mar 1958"And This Was Odd"    
5-6 Mar 1954Three One Act Plays 
Miss M Gassor  
4-5 April 1952"Gaslight"Patrick Hamilton Lt Col R GlynnDrama
30-31 Mar 1951"Easy Money"Arnold Ridley Lt Col R Glynn Comedy
17-18 Nov 1950"The Camel's Back"Arnold HelsbyLt Col R GlynnLt Col R GlynnComedy
?? 1949"Fresh Fields"  Lt Col R Glynn
?? 1949"The Man From Toronto"

Lt Col R Glynn
19-20 Nov 1948"The Ghost Train"Arnold Ridley
Lt Col R GlynnThriller
2-3 April 1948"Lord Richard In The Pantry"

Mr S Woodward
16-17 Feb 1939"The Farmer's Wife"   Comedy
18-19 Feb 1937"A Dose Of Physic"
"On Dartmoor"
Margaret Cropper
Neil Grant
 Cdr Parker 
21 February 1936Three One Act Plays
"There's Many A Slip"
"Their Business in Great Waters"
"Have You Anything to Declare?"
Lady Harvey
Louis N Parker
Gertrude Jennings

Mrs Georgiana Peach

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