Darling Mr London


Set in the days well before the invention of mobile phones and certainly before IDD (International Direct Dialling) had been introduced. It was a time when STD did not mean what it does today!

Despite his hobby of fighting battles with toy soldiers, Edward is a mild person and he is about to experience an evening he will never forget. He works at the Continental Telephone Exchange where his pompous brother-in-law is his supervisor. Edward often "chats up" women operators in various Continental Exchanges. These affairs by proxy suddenly explode in his face when four glamorous females travel to London to compete in the Miss Europhone Contest and arrive at his home anxious to meet the flirtatious Mr. London in the flesh. Hilarious complications ensue as Edward strives to conceal his telephonic peccadilloes from his wife, his appalling mother in law and his lodger, an ardent curate.

Many doors and much scope for confusion.

'Darling Mr London' was written by Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant and first performed in March 1975 with David Jason in the lead role of Edward Hawkins. Bob Grant also appeared as Mark Thomson. He was well known in the role of Jack the Conductor from 'On The Buses'.
Darling Mr London


Ian Musty as Edward Hawkins
Belinda Ogle-Skan as Rose Hawkins
Mike Wilkins as Gordon Routledge
Tim Knowlson as Mark Thomson
Jane Smith as Mrs Routledge
Tina Outlaw as Monique
Zoe Markham-Lee as Sylvana
Laura Pitts as Ingrid
Hannah Beard as Snowdrop
Cerney Players,
8 Apr 2014, 11:32