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Cerney Players - Contact Us

Are you interested in joining the Players, sponsoring a production, or simply want to contact us?

There are umpteen roles or jobs associated with putting on a production aside from "simply" acting or treading the boards ...

Set building and breaking - an opportunity to vent some frustration!
Scenery painting - splash it all about!
Lighting and Sound - lots of flashing lights and noise!
Costumes & Props - sew? ... does my rear look big in this?
Front of House, manning bar, raffles, etc. meeting and greeting.
Production and Direction - really get your teeth into a production.
Marketing - ensuring we always play to full houses, promoting the Players, etc.
and of course - there's always acting!
AND - not to be forgotten - bacon butty maker, a vital role in each production!
... and so on ...

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